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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of telling the inspiring story of my friend SSG Earl Granville and his fight for personal sovereignty after losing his leg to a roadside bomb and his twin brother to suicide. Earl is now a motivational speaker, and adaptive sports athlete, competing at a high level. Earl even carries a cinder block named "Cindy" to help motivate people through thier dark times with a visual metaphor. The shoot was all made possible by an organization called ENDPAIN. They let me select Earl as my subject, and share his story to help spread the word on what they are doing.

Cinematographer Nicola Raggi capturing Earl and Rick at the Disable Veterans Memorial in Washington DC

I met Earl though the guys at Oscar Mike in 2013, and he is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. He's a goofy and loveable guy with a heart of gold. His story is so intense, if you wrote it into a screenplay you'd think to yourself: "We need to tone this back a bit. It's too over the top". Of course there is more to Earl's story then the above synopsis, So you''ll have to tune into the video when it releases to learn more.

Cinematographer Nicola Raggi capturing Earl during the intimate moment of changing his walking leg to his running leg.

Nico filming Earl and Rick talking bro science in deep squat

"How do I look?"

Post Production

The film wouldn't of been possible without all the help from the crew. Thanks to Travis Mauck of ENDPAIN for approaching me for this. Special thanks to Nico Raggi for shooting the principle photography for the documentary. Thanks to Tim Schmalz for the epic original music composed to picture. Thanks to Joe Lombardi for his color work. and lastly thanks to Michael Seifert for his post mix and sound design. 

The video will release shortly! Stay tuned for more information and be sure to check out ENDPAIN and Earl Granville.

Flexing with Cindy

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