Gotta Groove Records Review - CutPrintFilm

With so much focus on process, Gotta Groove Records could easily be qualified as an industrial video … if a slickly produced one. But it never falls into the tedium of that industrial format. That’s because Cavalier and DOP John Pope lens the action with such obvious affection. Every moment of this film is meticulously constructed and flawlessly executed – including a dynamite tracking shot that unfolds over the final few minutes. If nothing else, Gotta Groove Records is a gorgeous film to look at. But Cavalier has more than just looks in mind. He further tempers the film’s industrial nature by keeping the human element front and center. It’s humans running the machines. It’s humans enjoying the music on all of those gorgeous discs too. And Gotta Groove Records is a company based around the human musical experience. Many of the company’s employees are working musicians on the Cleveland scene. Throughout the film, Cavalier shows us glimpses of who they are, where they’re from and why they love records. The more we get to know, the more Gotta Groove Records becomes a compelling narrative about human passions and shared human experiences. It’s a damn informative one at that. And yeah, with music from the likes of Suzuki Junzo, Lemon Sky and Hazard Adams, it’s gotta killer soundtrack to boot.
Nick CavalierComment