Nick Cavalier is an award winning director of films, commercials, music videos and branded content. A visual and character-focused director, Nick is known for his gritty guerilla filmmaking style and poetic hero centered themes. Nick has been honored with awards and selections at festivals such as SXSW, Palm Springs, and Cleveland International. His work is featured in multiple national publications including New York Times, VICE, Shorts TV, Devour, HYPEBEAST, Alternative Press, Funny Or Die, G4, MTV, Fast Company, Juxtapoz Magazine and many more. Nick is more recently lauded for his award-winning film and character portrait on famed artist Derek Hess titled “Forced Perspective” available now through Gravitas Ventures & Redbull TV.

Content is King. I believe that good design is art. I believe that video content can be a cultural experience. I believe the work MUST speak for itself. I believe that if a brand, band, product, and the creatives behind the campaign see eye to eye, magic happens. I believe that when you work with one person with a solid vision, and trust in that vision, amazing things happen.


East Coast // Engage Collective

Midwest // Julia Toke

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