Vocon - "Inside Out" | Brand Film & Marketing Campaign

Very proud to release the brand film and accompanying teasers I created for Cleveland, NY and LA based architecture firm Vocon. Vocon is dedicated to creating beautiful functional spaces that serve the needs of the people who inhabit them.

First and foremost, huge thanks to Julia Toke, James Douglas and David Joseph for making this opportunity possible. Big thanks to Vocon for letting us in, taking a chance on documentary content and allowing us to interface with their clients and have the creative freedom to make something dynamic, impactful and beautiful. Thanks to Chris Jasinski for his art direction and being our point person on creative throughout, as well as Megan Spinos.

Secondly, thanks to the amazing crew. Thanks to Jena Lesar for keeping us on schedule and making all the technical possible. John Pope, for his vision. We pioneered some new proprietary filming techniques to really bring the spaces to life. Thanks to the whole camera department for executing those techniques in an efficient and professional manner, and doing all the heavy lifting. Mike Bacanu, Joab Roseberry, PJ Mozingo, Hunter Prunty, Seth Yergin & Vince Calabrese. Thanks to Luke DeJeu for making everyone sound intelligible on set. Thanks to Connie Kellers for making everyone look fantastic.

Crew Post Shoot - Day 3

Big thanks to Michael Seifert for his amazing score and original music, and Dave Shaw for his immersive sound design that really pulls you into the film. Thanks to Allan Stallard of Animal VFX for his amazing color work, bringing John’s vision to life.

Really proud of this film, and I believe it to be a huge step forward in branded doc content. We were able to pioneer some techniques and push production value that serves the story and the spaces in a meaningful way.

Nick CavalierComment