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Thanks so much for the awesome write up on Gotta Groove Records.

Cavalier’s documentary is a meditation on our personal connection with owning physical music - from holding a record jacket in your hands to lowering the needle onto the vinyl - told through the step-by-step creation process.

”I wanted Gotta Groove to embrace the maker movement and take ownership of it,” Cavalier recalls. “Let’s just tell all these people who are going to watch this why vinyl is cool as hell and put your name on it.”

And perfection is something Gotta Groove is obsessed with. It’s safe to say that’s a big piece of any behind-the-scenes documentary about manufacturing. But in Cavalier’s film, it’s all in the context of how we experience music - picking up an album, the inserts and download codes we find inside, playing it for the first time. Part of that rigorous quality control is influenced by how many of the workers have a background in creating music themselves.
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