Idiots - Comedy Shorts

A few months ago, my friend, comic actor and writer Greg Santos approached me to make a series of short films called "Idiots" showcasing him and talented and beautiful Jade Catta Preta as a disgustingly head over heals couple in love.

Each sketch is a voyeur into different sides of the relationship, and as they progress as a series, there is a sense of camaraderie between the couple that grows, deepens and enriches the comedy in the pieces. Even though they give each other grief, It's recieved as endearing and sweet by the audience.

The sketches are amazing, and frankly as a series I feel you get a sense of the characters personalities and the essence of who they are as people. Which was something that was really important to me as a director.

These we a lot of fun to make, and I had help from so many talented people.

First of all thanks to Jade and Greg for over delivering on performances. They made me look good and the job easy. Thanks to Kevin Nealon for stopping by and giving us a very funny cameo. Thanks to Billy Bonnell for "acting" as if he is disgusted by PDA.

Big thanks to the crew. Clifton & Evelyn Stommel for shooting and assisting. As well as color grading. Lili Kaytmaz for making everyone look beautiful. Thanks to Michael Seifert and Dave Shaw for doing the post mix, sound design and music supervision. Thanks to my talented brother Tony Cavalier for the logo design. Check them out and let us know what you think! Share and make them spread like Jade and Greg's love in the sketches. They deserve it.

Nick CavalierComment