Oscar Mike

This Veterans Day I am proud to release a short film I made on the origins of Oscar Mike. Oscar Mike is military radio jargon for "On The Move". Oscar Mike was founded 11/11/11 by my friend Noah Currier with the mission of keeping all Veterans "On The Move" through adaptive sporting events. Noah's story is inspiring. Oscar Mike is a 100% American made activewear apparel company. That company donates proceeds of those sales to the Oscar Mike Foundation. That foundation sends disabled veterans to adaptive sporting events to help their physical and mental well being. This was a very personal project to me, and I am honored to have had a hand in making it. Watch it below and share. I feel this is important work and it will help save lives quite literally. See the full film below:

Thanks to so many people. Thanks to Aaron Matthews for his assistance since 2011. Thanks to Tyler Clark for shooting the re-enactments and beauty footage. Thanks to Michael Seifert and Dave Shaw for the post mix, SFX and original score. Thanks to Clifton Stommel for his color work. Thanks to Dustin Currier, Dave Padrutt and Matt Troja for the additional music. Most of All, thanks to Noah and his family for letting me into their lives in a very deep and meaningful way. And thanks to all the Veterans, wounded or otherwise for their service. 

Nick CavalierComment