Beautiful Bizarre Magazine - Feature

In only an average of twelve minutes, mini documentaries by Director Nick Cavalier leave you feeling connected to the subjects of the films. Short stories capture the subject’s feelings about their passions and their chosen life path. Incredibly thorough, these films leave a lasting impression. His work is very personable and intimate, but also very physically involved. Throughout his documentaries you feel involved because the filming is done so that you’re always seeing action, you are observing how things are done; it’s almost like you were in the film doing all the things the subjects were doing. Cinematographers pick up their cameras and start filming there on the spot, wherever they are at the moment. It is feels spontaneous and real. This style of cinematography makes you partake in the activity; it takes you there and makes you experience everything you are watching on screen.
— Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Thanks to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine for the feature!

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