Host a Screening - Forced Perspective

As we prepare for our release in the coming months, we are booking out college, art school, gallery, theatrical and non theatrical screenings across the US. Both Derek and I are available for appearances and QA. Shoot us a message here if you have interest in having us.

If you have not seen the film, it's a a biographic and allegorical hero story about Derek Hess. The film follows his rise to fame through concert posters in the early 90's, his struggle with alcoholism and bipolar and how those demons affect his art. It's a portrait of an artist in the modern age, and it takes a raw look at creativity and it's link to substance abuse and mental illness. 

My hope is that the film inspires future artists to create compelling work, and that Derek's story offers insight into success with integrity in the arts. For more information, check out our facebook, and twitter.

Nick CavalierComment