Herman Story Wines

Last November I had the opportunity to shoot a short character portrait on the incredible Russell P. From of Herman Story Wines. Herman Story is know for it's big bold in-your-face wines that smack you in the mouth with an open handed flavor explosion. They were recently featured on Wine Specator's top 100 List (#52). It was an honor to tell this story, and of course sample the amazing wines. See the 6 additional teasers below.

I want to give a very special thanks to James Mills for shooting all this. We had 1 day to shoot all of this content and it was a two person crew. He did an incredible job for only having about 1 hour at each location to shoot. We shot blocked everything on the fly. Special thanks to Phillip Muzzy for Producing and putting up with us for the duration of production. 

I also want to thank Dan Sugarman and Tim Schmalz for composing the incredible music involved in this piece. It adds vibrant character and emotion to the story and embodies the emotion of the beautiful landscapes. Thanks to Tim Schmalz for mixing the long vignette, and to Chuck Bein of See Music for mixing and mastering the teasers. Special thanks to Joe Lombardi for the candy coated color work on the beautiful Red Dragon footage.

We hope you enjoy the films, and please share these as much as possible. Thanks a lot!

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