Forced Perspective - Post Mix

We are more than 90% done with the film. All that is left is post mix and color. I traveled to Chicago yesterday to post mix the film with Chuck Bein at See Music. These guys are the best, and will be handling all of the post mix and atmosphere for the film, and all promotional materials. Check out some of their past work.

See Music

See Music

It's a pretty involved process. We are post dubbing a lot of the film and adding some foley sounds to create higher levels of realism (ironic I know). Majority of the work is mixing up music or down vocals and adding in atmospheric sounds. EQ-ing, effects, etc. 

Paper shuffle. Foley work.

Paper shuffle. Foley work.

Also, It would be irresponsible of me not to thank our incredible musicians. Special thanks to Matthew Santos and Chihsuan Yang, LT Magnotto (Above This Fire), Dustin Currier (Cut Teeth, formerly The Felix Culpa) Joel Coan, (Thereafter & The Felix Culpa) for contributing original music and submitting instrumental tracks. They really created the mood of the piece. So dark and brooding. Check out their music. Great stuff. 

Joel Coan is basically the mood piece for half the movie. His aesthetic fits Derek's art perfectly in my opinion.

Basically, the music was created as independent mood pieces of sound, separate from the movie. I assigned each artist chapters and gave them influences and direction. They created some fantastic stuff on their own. I prefer to let people do what they do best, and fit it in later. Especially in documentary.

More updates to follow shortly. Very excited to hear everything mixed!

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